Fixing EPG issues with Tivimate [Complete Guide]

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What is EPG?

Don’t you know what is EPG and what the purpose of it? Let’s talk about it first. Actually, EPG stands for Electronic Programme Guide. It’s an on-screen menu that explain you what Television and Radio programmes are available on your TV.

EPG (Electronic Program Guide) issues can cause TV channels to display incorrect information or no information at all. Fixing the problem may require resetting the TV or updating the EPG settings. Checkout How to setup TiviMate Buffer Size.

Fixing EPG issues with Tivimate

Tivimate is a popular app for managing TV channels and can be used to fix EPG issues. Users can update the EPG data manually, clear the app cache, or even reinstall the app to solve any issues and ensure smooth channel navigation.

EPG is one of the most common issue of IPTV Players. It can also popup on Tivimate application. If you ever face this issue on your android device, just follow these steps to learn how to Get your EPG to load in Tivimate. Now you can add, remove or update Tivimate Channel List.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, resolving Tivimate EPG issues is important for ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is displayed on TV channels. Taking simple steps like resetting the TV or updating EPG settings can help fix these issues and improve the viewing experience.