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Let’s help each other! Please report an issue if you’re facing with Tivimate IPTV Player for android. We will try our best to answer your quires with an appropriate solution.

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  1. I’m unable to activate premium on my second fire stick. Getting a message that says “Could not log in, please try again later. I ad to re-install tivimate on both fire sticks and premium is only working on one.

  2. I am new to tivimate and am tring to get a premium account on firestick. I have installed tivimate companion from the play store on my android phone. On this website it says the yearly plan is $4.99 and lifetime is $19.99. When I log in from the companion app on my phone it shows annual plan is $7.99 and lifetime is $24.99.

    How do I get the right price of $19.99??????

  3. Hello, my Tivimate premium TV guide say no information, I have watch every YouTube video and could find to resolve this issue and nothing is working. Please assist.

  4. Bonjour,

    J’ai acheté la version premium de votre application et l’ai installé sur une box Androïd ‘Mi box 4s’. La box est équipée d’un HDD externe de 2Go formaté comme espace de stockage interne. Les mise à jour sont faites.
    Lorsque je programme un enregistrement, celui-ci se lance correctement mais se coupe au bout d’une minute.

    Merci de me donner la démarche à suivre pour régler ce problème.

    Salutations ;

    Nicolas GUICHARD

    Good morning,

    I bought the premium version of your application and installed it on an Android box ‘Mi box 4s’. The box is equipped with an external HDD of 2GB formatted as internal storage space. Updates are done.
    When I program a recording, it starts correctly but stops after a minute.

    Thank you for giving me the process to address this issue.


  5. I purchased premium lifetime nearly two years ago. It’s been working fine. Just got a new Firestick 4K Max. Downloaded the Tivimate app. When I try to unlock the Premium version will not accept my login credentials. I changed my password. Still no success. What should I do?

  6. hi i had tivi mate working well and deleted the app by mistake. everytime i try and put in my details and unlock premium it says no valid order. but when i look on google play it says im subscribe until june 12, 2023

    please can you help

  7. Unable to Create a Premium account. Keep saying Could not sign up, please try again.
    Please help with sign up. Using Firestick and Tivimate Companion. Have tried with and without VPN.

  8. My reason to aquire TiviMate in one word. . . RECORD.

    Now that I’ve succeeded in getting everything going. Using the app. Experiencing some bumps on getting the recorder to record.

    I’ve now recording’s to watch.
    Imagine my surprise when I sit down to rewatch last night’s game the recording starts right up. Then I paused to go use the restroom and the recording starts at the beginning???? Unable to FF to where I was????? Unable to RW??????

    Sorry but I don’t know of anyone who considers “record” being a reenactment of live tv .

    Upgrading the record function to actually allow basic stuff like, pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, play. Would be really nice.

  9. Hi i brought a lifetime account , payed with google , but it’s not working.
    so i brought a yearly subscription and it’s working.
    so now i have 2 active subscriptions , but the app says it’s a yearly subscription , not a lifetime!!!
    How do we fix that ???



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