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Download Tivimate 3.8.0 to unlock the latest advancements in IPTV streaming, offering a suite of new features and enhancements for an even more refined viewing experience. With Tivimate 3.8.0, users enjoy improved usability, expanded channel management options, and advanced playback capabilities, elevating their IPTV experience to new heights. Embrace the seamless integration and intuitive navigation of Tivimate 3.8.0, making it simpler and more enjoyable to access a vast array of TV content on your Android device.

Features of TiviMate

TiviMate offers a range of features for an enhanced IPTV viewing experience. Here are some of the general features of TiviMate:

  1. SAP Functionality: This feature allows users to access audio tracks in languages other than the native language of the program, which is particularly useful during sports broadcasts or streaming movies.
  2. Closed Caption (CC1) Support: TiviMate includes embedded subtitles in the television signal, which become visible with a special decoder. This feature is useful in noisy environments or for those learning English.
  3. Integration with Streaming Services: TiviMate allows users to access and customize their favorite channels, including major streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, AppleTV+, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube TV, and others.
  4. High-Quality Viewing: The app supports 4K HDR content with Dolby Atmos sound, providing a high-definition viewing experience.
  5. Multi-User Support: TiviMate offers a multi-user environment where each family member can have personalized recommendations and content.
  6. Dolby Atmos Compatibility: This feature offers immersive, three-dimensional audio for a more realistic viewing experience.
  7. Chromecast Built-In: Users can cast content from their smartphones to their TV, enhancing the viewing experience.
  8. Voice Control Compatibility: TiviMate supports voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri for voice-activated control and search functionality.
  9. Wide Channel and Content Access: The app offers access to over 4,300 channels worldwide and allows customization of premium channels.
  10. Video On Demand (VOD): Users can pause and resume their last episode, and access music on Spotify, and videos on YouTube, all from a customizable home screen.
  11. Simple and Clear Interface: The app has a straightforward interface that makes navigation easy.
  12. Electronic Program Guide (EPG): This feature keeps users updated about what’s airing with customizable update intervals.
  13. Content Management: TiviMate supports multiple playlists, allowing users to switch between different IPTV services, curate content, and group channels.
  14. Recording and Catch-Up: Users can schedule recordings for later viewing and use the Catch-up TV feature for missed episodes.
  15. Parental Controls: To ensure safe viewing, TiviMate includes parental controls to set boundaries on content.

Specific to the TiviMate 3.8.0 Premium APK version:

  1. Assignment of XMLTV EPG Sources for Stalker Portals: This allows more flexibility in managing program guides for different content sources.
  2. Dimming of Past Programs in the Channels List: This feature helps users focus on current and future programs by dimming the past ones in the list.
  3. Fixes and Improvements: The 3.8.0 version includes general fixes and improvements, enhancing stability and performance.

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Compare Tivimate 3.8.0 with other versions

All other versions of Tivimate

Comparing the features of TiviMate 3.8.0 and 3.0.0 reveals some key differences and enhancements:

TiviMate 3.8.0 Features

  1. Assignment of XMLTV EPG Sources for Stalker Portals: This feature in 3.8.0 allows for more flexibility in managing program guides for different content sources.
  2. Dimming of Past Programs in the Channels List: Helps users focus on current and future programs by dimming past ones in the list.
  3. General Fixes and Improvements: Enhancements in stability and performance are included in this version.

TiviMate 3.0.0 Features

Download tivimate 3.0.0

  1. New VOD UI for Xtream Codes: Version 3.0.0 introduced a new user interface for Video on Demand (VOD) specifically for Xtream Codes.
  2. Hide and Reorder VOD Groups: This feature provided users with the ability to hide and reorder their Video on Demand groups.
  3. Xtream Codes API Improvements: There were specific improvements made to the Xtream Codes API in this version.
  4. Include VOD Option in Xtream Codes Parameters: This allowed more control over VOD content within the Xtream Codes parameters.
  5. Setting to Enable AFR for VOD: The ability to enable Automatic Frame Rate (AFR) for Video on Demand was introduced.
  6. General Fixes and Improvements: Similar to 3.8.0, this version also included general fixes and improvements to enhance user experience.

Common Features Across Versions

Both versions shared some core features, such as support for multiple playlists, customizable update intervals for the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), channel customization, scheduled recording, advanced remote control options, font and background customization, data backup and recovery, and the absence of Google Assistant integration.

These comparisons indicate that while both versions focused on improving user experience and stability, version 3.8.0 added specific enhancements like XMLTV EPG source assignment and dimming past programs in the channel list, which were not present in version 3.0.0. Conversely, 3.0.0 focused more on improving the VOD experience and Xtream Codes integration, demonstrating a continuous evolution of the app to cater to diverse user needs.

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People also ask about Tivimate 3.8.0

  • Is TiviMate app safe? TiviMate is a legal and safe app, with its safety and legality depending on the type of content streamed.
  • Does TiviMate have an app? TiviMate is an IPTV player application available for various devices.
  • Is there a better app than TiviMate? Kodi, GSE Smart IPTV, and OTT Navigator are considered good alternatives to TiviMate.
  • Where is the TiviMate companion app? The TiviMate Companion app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • What’s the best IPTV player? TiviMate is highly regarded as one of the best IPTV players, alongside others like GSE Smart IPTV.
  • How do I update my TiviMate? Update the playlist and EPG data in TiviMate through the app settings to refresh its services.
  • Does TiviMate need a VPN? TiviMate can operate without a VPN, but using one offers additional security and prevents ISP throttling.
  • Should you always use a VPN with IPTV? Using a VPN with IPTV is recommended for improved security, privacy, and access to geo-restricted content
  • Is TiviMate Better Than Smarters?
    When comparing TiviMate 3.8.0 to Smarters, it’s essential to consider features, user interface, and device compatibility. TiviMate is known for its user-friendly interface, customizable options, and EPG (Electronic Program Guide) support. On the other hand, Smarters also offers a robust set of features but may differ in interface design and customization. Ultimately, the choice depends on user preference and device compatibility.
  • What Payment Method Does TiviMate Use?
    For TiviMate 3.8.0, the premium subscription can be purchased using various payment methods, typically including major credit cards and PayPal. It’s important to check the latest payment options directly on the TiviMate website or through the app’s subscription section to get the most updated information.
  • How Do I Stop My TiviMate from Buffering?
    To reduce buffering in TiviMate 3.8.0, try the following steps:
    Check Internet Connection: Ensure a stable and fast internet connection.
    Clear Cache: Regularly clear the app’s cache to improve performance.
    Update TiviMate: Always use the latest version of the app for optimal performance.
    Choose Reliable IPTV Service: The quality of the IPTV service provider significantly impacts buffering issues.
  • How Do I Renew My TiviMate Premium Subscription?
    To renew your TiviMate 3.8.0 premium subscription:
    Open TiviMate App: Go to the account or subscription section.
    Select Renew Option: Follow the prompts to renew your subscription, usually involving selecting the desired plan and completing the payment process.
  • How Do I Install TiviMate Premium on Firestick?
    Installing TiviMate 3.8.0 premium on a Firestick involves a few steps:
    Download TiviMate App: Use the Firestick search feature to find and install TiviMate.
    Open TiviMate: Launch the app and navigate to the premium section.
    Follow Premium Installation Steps: Enter your premium subscription details to unlock premium features.
  • Does TiviMate Automatically Renew?
    Whether TiviMate 3.8.0 automatically renews its subscription depends on the settings chosen during the initial subscription process. Users should check their account settings to verify if the auto-renewal option is enabled and adjust according to preference.
  • Can I Use TiviMate on My PC?
    While TiviMate 3.8.0 is primarily designed for Android-based devices like Android TV and Firestick, using it on a PC is possible via Android emulators. An emulator like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer can be installed on a PC to run Android applications, including TiviMate. This setup allows users to enjoy the full TiviMate experience on their computers.
  • Does TiviMate Have Movies?
    TiviMate 3.8.0 itself does not host movies; it’s an IPTV player. The content, including movies, depends on the IPTV services to which the user subscribes. By integrating with various IPTV providers, TiviMate can display and stream movies provided by these services, allowing for a comprehensive and user-friendly viewing experience.
  • Why Use TiviMate?
    Users prefer TiviMate 3.8.0 for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. Key reasons to use TiviMate include:
    Intuitive Interface: Easy navigation and a clean layout enhance the viewing experience.
    Customizable EPG: A flexible Electronic Program Guide that can be tailored to user preferences.
    Support for Multiple Playlists: Ability to integrate multiple IPTV subscriptions.
    Record Feature: Capability to record live TV, depending on the IPTV service.
  • What is TiviMate Used For?
    TiviMate 3.8.0 is used primarily as an IPTV player. It allows users to watch live TV channels and on-demand content provided by their IPTV service providers. With features like EPG, catch-up TV, and recording (subject to IPTV provider support), TiviMate transforms Android devices into a robust streaming platform.
  • Does TiviMate Have Netflix?
    TiviMate 3.8.0 does not directly integrate with Netflix. It is designed to work with IPTV services and does not natively support standalone streaming platforms like Netflix. Users looking to watch Netflix content will need to use the Netflix app separately.

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    TiviMate 3.8.0 stands out in the IPTV world for its advanced features, making it a top choice for users seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly IPTV streaming experience.