Tivimate Premium Account [Free Unlimited Access]

You probably don’t know that Tivimate Premium Account will help you watching unlimited movies and tv shows without any advertisements or errors. TiviMate basically allows you to effortlessly stream movies, TV shows, and documentaries from torrents. If you’re looking for a simple upgrade from Popcorn Time, TiviMate is compatible with all sorts of devices. It’s got an easy setup process, so once you sign up for your account, you can start downloading instantly! Get free Tivimate Premium Apk file for android.

Look no further for a m3u8 player! This thing is amazingly easy to setup. IPTV services offer a variety of content that can be streamed using an internet protocol. This includes live TV, TV series, and movies. IPTV is compatible with many devices, including the FireStick, Android TV Box, iPhone, Android phone, NVIDIA Shield, and Fire TV Cube. However, some IPTV providers don’t have their own apps for streaming content. So people have to use IPTV players like TiviMate Player. TiviMate lets you watch Stalker Portal, M3U links, and Xtream codes from third-party IPTV providers. Also there’s a good news for PC users that now you can run Tivimate on Windows.

While TiviMate is a great way to watch TV shows and movies on a compatible device, it is important to note that you cannot simply download the app and start using it. Instead, one of three integration techniques must be used, all of which are supported by the IPTV service. You can choose to use TiviMate for free, or subscribe to the premium version if you want access to more features, which we will discuss in more detail later on. This app was developed by Armobsoft FZE Dev in 2019 and give you modern user interface, designed for big screens, Support for multiple playlists and Scheduled TV guide update.

Tivimate Premium Account

TiviMate provides a 5-day trial of the premium version to all users. Premium costs $4.99 per year for up to 5 devices of your choice. You can also opt for the lifetime version at $19.99 which never ends. We sugget you to start with the one-year purchase, and then if you’re satisfied with the features, you can consider purchasing a lifetime TiviMate Premium Account. Armobsoft FZE developed this android application and you probably need Tivimate premium account free access to watch all these videos online without making any payment.

Tivimate Premium Account
Tivimate Premium Account

The premium version of TiviMate has a lot in it. It includes features like EPG functionality, Xtream codes, log-in, Scheduled Recording, etc. The premium edition of TiviMate has a 5-day trial period. Premium costs $4.99 per year and supports up to 5 devices. The lifetime version is also an option and costs $19.99. To subscribe to the premium version of TiviMate, you must utilize the TiviMate Companion app from the Google Play Store. You may also thinking about is Tivimate Legal or not.

Tivimate Premium Account Free

Tivimate Premium combines all of your cable provider’s channels into a simple package designed especially for the smartphone. It offers thousands of channels that can be streamed on your mobile at any given time, and it allows you to make new friends using the chat feature. Users rave about how it lets them pretend they are at home even when they are away! Tivimate Premium Takes Your Audience On The Road With You. Enjoy Tivimate Premium Lifetime access by downloading unlocked MOD APK file.

Checkout tivimate how it looks from inside. If you don’t know the usage of this app, see how to use tivimate application. Learn how to update, remove, add tivimate playlist easily.

Features of Premium TiviMate

TiviMate Apk is one of the best TV programming apps available right now. It has a wireless IPTV connection that allows you to use it as a mini-LCD. In order to run IPTV, you will need a safe and secure internet connection. With an internet connection, you will be able to watch live TV shows.

Here are some of the main features of Premium TiviMate Account:

Amazing User Interaction

IPTV is a handy tool that allows you to watch movies and television series online. However, the graphical user interface (GUI) is also under the control of the application’s creators. You can now stream, pause, and restart any TV station or movie using the same user interface as the bigger TV screen. As a result, you can stream a huge selection of TV episodes, Films, and other media conveniently and swiftly. In addition, Tivimate Premium’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to handle shows and movies. Having EPG issue? We have solution on How to Fix EPG issue with Tivimate.

Watch Your Favorite TV shows

TiviMate Cracked Apk is an Android app that offers a unique and convenient way to view live streaming content on a small TV screen. With this app, you can now easily navigate through any live stream available on the big TV. Additionally, this app is more fascinating and practical on your Android device. Furthermore, the Smooth Action Cam Slowmo app will give you an exceptional experience with a top-notch UI if you’re looking for slow-motion effects software.

Anytime, Anywhere TV

This app is popular because it allows users to schedule their favorite TV shows and movies. With TiviMate Pro, you can easily turn your phone or tablet into a TV and choose any movie or TV show while also scheduling it. This can be a great way to keep up with your favorite shows while on the go.

How to get a Tivimate Premium Account Free

Tivimate offers a premium account for users who want to access more features. You can pay for the premium account directly through the Tivimate app if you have the Google Play Store on your Android device. If you’re not using an Android device, like a FireTv/Firestick, you might need to complete this process using the TiviMate Companion application. The Companion application is also free.


What is a Tivimate Premium Account?
A Tivimate Premium Account is a paid upgrade that grants users access to additional features and capabilities not available with a free account. These features can include the ability to record live TV, access to a wider range of channels and on-demand options, and the ability to customize the interface.

How much does a Tivimate Premium Account cost?
The cost of a Tivimate Premium Account can vary, as it is subject to change based on promotions, discounts, or other offers. It is best to check the Tivimate website for the most current pricing information. Typically, Tivimate offers monthly, annual, and lifetime subscription plans.

What are the benefits of a Tivimate Premium Account?
Benefits of a Tivimate Premium Account include the ability to record live TV, access to a wider range of channels and on-demand options, customizable interface, advanced EPG, and ad-free streaming experience.

How do I upgrade to a Tivimate Premium Account?
To upgrade to a Tivimate Premium Account, go to the Tivimate website, navigate to the subscription page, select the premium account option, enter your payment information, and activate your subscription with the provided activation code.

Can I cancel my Tivimate Premium Account?
Yes, you can cancel your Tivimate Premium Account at any time. However, please note that once a subscription is cancelled, you will lose access to the premium features and will revert back to the free version of the app.

Final Verdict

TiviMate Premium makes it quick and easy to stream live TV. This software is speedy because it doesn’t require downloading any additional files. Plus, this program makes it a breeze to watch all your favorite shows and movies online. Before today, watching TV was never so enjoyable!