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TiviMate 4.4.0 is an IPTV player application that allows users to integrate and manage their IPTV subscriptions on Android devices. This version offers features like an intuitive user interface, support for multiple playlists, and EPG (Electronic Program Guide) functionality. TiviMate 4.4.0 enhances the viewing experience with improved performance, customization options, and additional features for more streamlined IPTV usage.

Features of TiviMate

TiviMate offers a range of features for enhancing the TV streaming experience, with some specific additions in version 4.4.0 Premium APK:

General Features of TiviMate:

  1. Integrated Streaming: Allows watching movies and shows, both live and streamed, in a single app.
  2. High-Quality Viewing: Supports 4K UHD, Dolby Vision, and Dolby HDR Atmos for an immersive viewing experience.
  3. Chromecast Built-In: Easily cast photos, videos, music, and other content from your smartphone to your TV.
  4. Voice Control: Compatible with voice assistants like Google, Alexa, and Siri for searching content, streaming shows, playing games, and controlling smart home devices.
  5. Extensive Channel Access: Offers access to over 4,300 channels globally, along with customization options for premium channels and thousands of free movies and series.
  6. Parental Control: Includes features for parental oversight and the option to create up to three profiles for personalized viewing experiences.

Specific Features in TiviMate 4.4.0 Premium APK:

  1. TV Guide Enhancement: A new setting to show channel titles on the TV guide screen for easier navigation.
  2. Advanced Frame Rate Settings: Separate settings are available to enable Auto Frame Rate (AFR) for TV and Video on Demand (VOD), allowing users to switch screen refresh rates and resolutions.
  3. Stalker Portal Support: Enhanced support for Stalker portals.
  4. Performance Improvements: Various fixes and improvements to enhance the overall user experience.
  5. Backup Naming: Backup names now include the software version, aiding in version tracking and management.

Premium Plan Exclusive Features:

  1. Scheduled Recordings: Set recordings for your favorite shows in advance.
  2. Custom Recurring Recordings: Ability to customize recurring recordings according to your preferences.
  3. Multiple Playlists Support: Manage and use multiple playlists for varied content.
  4. Picture-in-Picture Mode: Watch one program while keeping an eye on another.
  5. Favorites Management: Easily manage and access your favorite channels.
  6. Catch-Up Feature: Rewind and watch past programs.
  7. Customizable TV Guide: Adjust update intervals for the TV guide according to your needs.
  8. Transparency and Timeout Customization: Customize the transparency and timeout settings of panels.
  9. Group and Channel Customization: Personalize the arrangement of groups and channels.
  10. Manual Channel Sorting: Sort channels manually as per your preference.
  11. Auto-Start Last Channel: Automatically start the app with the last watched channel.
  12. Channel Reminder: Set reminders for automatic channel play.

These features, particularly the ones specific to the 4.4.0 Premium APK, demonstrate TiviMate’s focus on enhancing user control, customization, and viewing quality.

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Compare Tivimate 4.4.0 with other versions

All other versions of Tivimate

Comparing TiviMate 4.4.0 and 4.0.0, there are notable differences in features:

TiviMate 4.4.0:

  • Introduced a setting for “Show channel titles on TV guide screen.”
  • Added separate settings to enable Automatic Frame Rate (AFR) for TV and Video on Demand (VOD), allowing users to switch the screen refresh rate and resolution.
  • Implemented improvements for Stalker portal support.
  • General fixes and improvements were made.
  • The backup name now includes the software version, making it easier to identify.

TiviMate 4.0.0:

  • Offered the possibility to create recurring custom recordings, enhancing the user’s ability to manage content.
  • Allowed editing of custom recordings, giving users more control over their recorded content.
  • Featured a setting for two-line channel titles on the TV guide screen, improving readability and navigation.
  • Also included general fixes and improvements similar to version 4.4.0.

These differences highlight TiviMate’s focus on enhancing user experience and functionality with each update. The improvements in version 4.4.0, such as separate AFR settings for TV and VOD and the inclusion of the software version in backup names, demonstrate a commitment to providing more personalized and efficient user experiences.

People also ask about Tivimate 4.4.0

  1. Is TiviMate App Safe?
    TiviMate 4.4.0, like any reputable app, is considered safe if downloaded from official sources. Ensure you’re getting the app from legitimate app stores to avoid security risks.
  2. Does TiviMate Have an App?
    Yes, TiviMate has an app designed for managing IPTV subscriptions and streaming content.
  3. Is There a Better App than TiviMate?
    While TiviMate is popular for IPTV streaming, alternatives like Kodi or Plex may offer different features or interfaces that some users prefer.
  4. Where is the TiviMate Companion App?
    The TiviMate Companion app is typically available on the Google Play Store, designed for managing TiviMate subscriptions on Android devices.
  5. What’s the Best IPTV Player?
    The best IPTV player can vary based on user preferences. TiviMate 4.4.0 is highly regarded, but others like VLC or Perfect Player also have strong followings.
  6. How Do I Update My TiviMate?
    To update TiviMate, check the app store where you originally downloaded it. Updates are usually available there.
  7. Does TiviMate Need a VPN?
    While TiviMate itself doesn’t require a VPN, using one can enhance privacy and sometimes access to geo-restricted content.
  8. Should You Always Use a VPN with IPTV?
    Using a VPN with IPTV is recommended for privacy and security, especially if you’re accessing content with unclear licensing.
  9. Can I Use TiviMate on My PC?
    TiviMate is primarily designed for Android-based devices, but it can be used on a PC via Android emulators.
  10. Does TiviMate Have Movies?
    TiviMate itself doesn’t host movies; it’s a player for IPTV services. The availability of movies depends on the IPTV subscription used with it.
  11. Why Use TiviMate?
    TiviMate offers a user-friendly interface, extensive customization, and efficient management of IPTV channels and playlists.
  12. What is TiviMate Used For?
    TiviMate 4.4.0 is used for streaming and managing IPTV services, offering features like EPG support and channel organization.
  13. Does TiviMate Have Netflix?
    TiviMate doesn’t integrate streaming services like Netflix. It’s focused on IPTV streams.
  14. Is TiviMate Better Than Smarters?
    TiviMate 4.4.0 and IPTV Smarters are both popular. Preference depends on the user interface and feature requirements.
  15. What Payment Method Does TiviMate Use?
    TiviMate’s payment methods are typically through the Google Play Store, including credit/debit cards and Google Play credits.
  16. How Do I Stop My TiviMate from Buffering?
    To reduce buffering, ensure a strong internet connection, clear the cache, or adjust the stream quality settings in the app.
  17. How Do I Renew My TiviMate 4.4.0 Premium Subscription?
    Renew via the TiviMate Companion app or the platform where you initially subscribed.
  18. How Do I Install TiviMate Premium on Firestick?
    To install it on Firestick, download it from the Amazon App Store or use the Downloader app for sideloading.
  19. Does TiviMate Automatically Renew?
    Whether TiviMate automatically renews depends on your subscription settings in the app or the platform used for purchase.

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In summary, TiviMate 4.4.0 is a versatile IPTV player app with a focus on user experience, offering a range of features for a personalized TV streaming experience. Its safety, ease of use, and integration with various devices make it a top choice in the IPTV player market.