How to Buy Tivimate Premium without Android

So that’s a problem that I faced also as iPhone user I couldn’t purchase the Tivimate premium ’cause you could only buy it through the Google Play store on your phone with the app called Tivimate companion so there’s an easy solution for it and I’m gonna step by step how to do this. Tivimate is actually an IPTV player which help you to stream online TV shows and channels without interruptions. You know what you can also download Tivimate for iOS like iPhone, Apple, MacBook.

How to Buy Tivimate Premium Account without Android

Before we get started with buying Tivimate Premium Account just want to inform you this video is for educational purposes only if you find value in this video please share it with your friends and comment down below. Let’s get started. If you’re in the Tivimate application for this tutorial we’re using the Google TV Chromecast but this also works on the TV Android TV and Sony TV and Philips TV so we’re just gonna go to our settings and we’re gonna hit unlock pinion press next and put the count to push back instead of logging in were gonna if you already have an account you can log in we’re gonna hit register account and we’re just gonna register an account for me and put this I’m using the Google Home app as a remote control and we gonna fill in the password and hit to create an account.

Tivimate Premium Account

You might also be curious about Tivimate Premium Price. Actually purchase the subscription to your device itself without the need of a phone so there are few options here you can choose from, actually two that’s the one year subscription for $4.99 or the one time payment which is lifetime access is for $19.99 and I personally recommend the one time payment ’cause I will be using it with at least five devices plus that’s that’s my prediction ’cause this app is very good compared to any other app. It’s the best out there and I think they will always keep on innovating themselves with new tweaks and tips in the apps themselves. The possibilities are endless you can personalize everything you want so that one time payment for five accounts is very recommended on my side.

If you see in the past with different apps that offer one time payments and most of them after a few years stopped that option so before it gets stopped it’s it’s actually smart to buy it. So were gonna hit for this tutorial one time payment get in the swing where you have to review and agree to terms so we’re just gonna have to agree. I have just put an image in front of it because there’s a lot of personal details here so you get a lot of options actually you can pay with your phone subscription so you can enter your phone number if it is supported in your country in my country it is you can pay with the visa MasterCard option so you can fill in your details and it will get from there you can choose a paysafecard which is the most easiest I think you can just purchase an online safe paysafecard valid code and you can fill in the code and it will be withdrawing from that.

Tivimate Payment Gateways

It also has PayPal option which is also very good so it’s actually very easy from here to purchase one of these and it will get paid and you will get a full time unlimited lifetime subscription. I pressed the paysafecard option and here I can actually purchase it through does the screen it’s very easy you don’t need the phone like a lot of people like I thought that was only option it’s actually not necessary you can actually just purchased this right away directly from your TV from your Google device from your Android TV from your Sony Philips etc. and you can do to paysafecard so you don’t need a Google phone anymore I actually don’t know how long this over there exists but it’s pretty new for me.

Final Words

We also recommend you to read How to Use Tivimate. So, if you like this article please smash the share button and comment down below. See you next time!