Tivimate Playlist [How to Update/Add/Remove Play List]

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Tivimate Playlist

Watch this video to learn how to setup tivimate playlist on tivimate premium account. It’s easy to setup tivimate and watch movies, tv shows and season online. Let’s see how to setup tivimate playlist. You can also refresh tivimate services independently.

How to Setup Tivimate Playlist?

Here’s the complete method on setting up the Tivimate Playlist properly.

1. Click on the Playlist option
2. Click on Add Playlist
3. Login to Screen > Login to Xtreme Codes
4. https:h.tvalt.xyz:2052
5. Now press Next Button
6. Wait for Processing
7. Now you need to Rename your Playlist to give it a new name
8. Now press Okay and wait for a few moment.
9. Now your playlist is updated successfully.


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