Tivimate Premium Account Free [Lifetime Access]

TiviMate allows users to stream a bunch of great movies and television programs with HD quality right on their Android phones. What’s so special about TiviMate is that it takes up very minimal space in your phone’s memory, which makes it free to download and use. You won’t face any buffering issue as we’ve shared TiviMate Buffer Size settings to enjoy online streaming without stopping or lagging.

Although there are some features that you may initially not get to enjoy when you first download the app, this is only because the developers have organized to make those features accessible after a small fee. Enjoy Tivimate Premium Lifetime access by downloading unlocked MOD APK file. Also checkout tivimate premium cost UK and other European states.

What is a Tivimate Premium Account?

A Tivimate Premium account is a subscription that unlocks additional features and benefits in the Tivimate IPTV player application. With a Premium account, users can enjoy an ad-free viewing experience, advanced features like recording and pausing live TV, and the ability to sync channel lists and settings across multiple devices. It provides an enhanced and seamless IPTV viewing experience, catering to the needs of avid IPTV enthusiasts who want more control and convenience in their streaming activities.

Tivimate Premium Account Free

Tivimate offers two types of premium accounts: Tivimate Premium and Tivimate Premium Plus. The Tivimate Premium account provides ad-free viewing, advanced features like recording and pausing live TV, and channel syncing across devices. The Tivimate Premium Plus account offers all the features of Tivimate Premium, with the additional benefit of supporting multiple playlists.

This allows users to manage and switch between multiple IPTV providers within the Tivimate app. Both account types enhance the Tivimate experience, catering to different user preferences and requirements. Download fully unlocked tivimate premium apk for android from our website for free without advertisements. Also learn easily how to use tivimate application. Enjoy tivimate companion apk for free.


Tivimate Premium Lifetime
Tivimate Premium Account Free

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How to get Tivimate Premium Account Free?

You can get a Tivimate premium account by paying directly via Tivimate if you have a google play store on your android device or probably if you’re not using an android device like FireTv/Firestick. You might need to complete this process using a TiviMate Companion application, which is also free. Here are the top best benefits of using a TiviMate Pro Account.

A Tivimate Premium account unlocks several benefits for users. Firstly, it eliminates advertisements, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive viewing experience. Premium account holders also gain access to advanced features like the ability to record live TV, pause and rewind live streams, and schedule recordings.

Additionally, Tivimate Premium allows for syncing of settings and channel lists across multiple devices, providing seamless access to your personalized IPTV setup. With the added benefits of ad-free viewing, advanced features, and device synchronization, a Tivimate Premium account enhances the overall enjoyment and convenience of using the Tivimate IPTV player.

Tivimate Premium Account Cost or Price

The cost of Tivimate Premium varies depending on the subscription plan. The annual subscription for Tivimate Premium was priced at around $4.99 per year. For Further information, we recommend you to visit our page TiviMate Premium Price to check the latest price details of TiviMate Pro IPTV Player.


If you do choose pay for these additional services, then you will gain access to all of these enhancements without fail! These new perks allow people to choose from even more genres at any given time than they could before or give them better control over what kind of content gets downloaded in the first place. Enjoy using Tivimate Premium Account with unlocked MOD APK file.